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Mike Stanyer (
Sat, 11 Feb 1995 11:42:37 -0500

At 14:58 8/2/95 -0500, Michael Sattler wrote:

much editted out.....

>Funny. I always thought that people had to be somewhat on-line and
>net-saavy to be able to find CU-SeeMe at all, but I might be wrong about
>that, give what I've recently seen about the understanding of bandwidth
>usage. I'll be trying to add more novice stuff to the web pages. Your
>suggestions, folks?

I personally think that you ought to preface any newbie orientated section
with a health warning something along the following lines.....

1.IBM & clones dont seem to work too well on this application right now:-
comms hassle, no audio, no Quickcam, dodgy supply of video cards... all are
being worked on - none have current timescales for solutions

2.Mac's on the other hand seem to be in heaven for this application... so
much so that it is almost economically (and certainly if you costed in your
hassle costs) worth while buying a Mac/QuickCam set-up in place of
attempting a PC link up today (check price of cards, video camera for PC
and compare against base line set up on a Mac... not a lot of $$$ in it is

3.This application wont work except under idealised conditions with a 14.4
link, sound to go with the video needs at least 64k link up. Your service
provider might not be handling UDP very well. Your service provider might
get tee'd off with the bandwith that this application consumes. Due to
bandwidth consumption you may find dissapointments at certain network busy
times of the day or night.

4. If you are still not put off by all of the above then here is what you
as a newbie do.....

... here come the bright intelligent Mike Sattler words of guidance and
weisdom on minimum configs...

Enjoy, discard ,use at your will

Mike Stanyer

A semi retired IT project manager who roams the Internet for education and
(used to be a job seeker but now re-employed)