IP, etc.

Robert D. Peckham (bobp@unix1.utm.edu)
Sat, 11 Feb 1995 10:53:11 -0500

I am slip connected at home (14,400 baud) to a PowerMac 7100Av. Unless it
has changed within the last week, I have the latest appropriate CU-SeeMe
version. I know I have to shut my sound off to get any kind of reception.
What bothers me about what I don't know is my IP number. I am going under
the assumption that with a slip connection, the mother unix running slip at
my institution will assign an IP number, but that it will vary. Right now
I read on MacTCP. How does this work, and how will people
be able to reach me.

Another question; is there any mouvement toward a 28,800 standard aside
from the announcement the other day (was it compuserve?)?

When I finish putting my web page up I'll buy the camera so I won't be just
another dumb lurker.

Did anyone try that reflector in France (Bretagne) I posted a while ago?

TennesseeBob (no techie...just a french teacher)

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