STILL can't get audio up on my Quadra 800

Robert D. Peckham (
Sat, 11 Feb 1995 13:05:29 -0500

Thanks to those of you who responded to my last post!

As a reminder, I'm having problems getting audio up and running with
CU-SeeMe, and I'm sure it's not a bandwidth issue. I'm running a Macintosh
Quadra 800 with 16 MB RAM and System 7.1. I have a Connectrix QucikCam with
the newest drivers and am using CU-SeeMe 0.8b2. Although both the built in
and QuickCam microphones work fine in other applications, they are not
recognized by CU-SeeMe. My CU-Seeme audio control panel's "send" and "push
to talk" buttons are dimmed (although I CAN check the send box).

In response to suggestions I have tried 1) Turning off the processor cache;
2) Disabeling QuickCamMic extension; 3) checking that my QuickCam drivers
are the newest version, and 4) restarting with NO extensions, except those
required by CU-SeeMe. Nothing worked.

Any other suggestions out there?

Thanks in advance,


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