Re: I need some PC help

emile anderson (
Sat, 11 Feb 1995 16:14:54 -0500

At 09:00 AM 2/4/95 -0500, Sheila Gersh wrote:
>I am Sheila Gersh, the director of the Global Education Telecommunications
>Network Project (GETN) in NYC. I train teachers to use the Internet and
>then help them connect to schools in over 30 countries to do curriculum
>enirchment (inquiry) e-mail projects. I recently gained access to the WEB
>so i am eager to begin using CUSeeMe to conference with schools around the
>US and world. Last week I went to one of the NYC City Univ. sites that has
>the hardware etc. to do such conferencing. I connected to Hawaii, Texas,
>and Boston.
>I have accessed the PC version of CUSeeMe and unzipped it, but I continue to
>get an error message saying that there is insufficient memory. I know the
>PC I am using has enough memory. Can anyone help me (perhaps send me a copy
> of a working CUSeeMe for the PC)...I am also eager to see how it works
>over a 14.4 modem compared to a 56kb line (or t1 line)
>I look forward to hearing from you...hopefully I will be able to begin using
>cuseeme from my pc...Thanks.......Sheila Gersh, NYC (GETN Project Director)
My name is Emile Anderson. I am soon to be a teacher in secondary
math/physical science. I am currently in the Navy as an officer working in a
Nuclear submarine. I install LAN/WANs on the side and consult on
incorporation of Internet access in businesses and schools. Currently I am
inservicing 16 teachers in a Middle School in Ramona Ca. on what the
Internet is and use of various windows client applications including
CU-Seeme in curriculum, instruction and assessment methodologies. They love
it, partiocularly the low cost part (inservice is free). I am very
interested in the potential applications of this kind of PC based technology
in the classroom to extent to the Global/virtual classroom at large.

As to yoiur issue, I am running Cu-Seeme at home on a variety of TCP/IP
winsocks including Trumpet 2.0b, Netmanage Cameleon, and MICROSOFT TCP/IP. I
also have some MACSLIP expertise. Send me your specifications and specific
p[roblems. If I can not solve, I will send appropriate files.




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