Launching NetPhone from a WWW link

Little Robbie Burcham (
Sun, 12 Feb 1995 14:50:37 -0500

Well it works, but I think there is some kind of bug in the automatic
Helper Application configuration that Netscape does. We have defined a
new MIME type on a WWW server called application/phone. When Netscape
first encounters this MIME type, it allows you to configure an
application to serve as a viewer for the new file type. However, there
is a little problem:

When Netscape launches NetPhone the first time, it will not load the set
correctly! You will have to pull down your Options/Preferences... menu within
Netscape, and select Helper Applications. Scroll down the list of MIME types
and select application/phone (it should be the last one in the list, as
Netscape just created it most recently). The "File type:" field should say
"WkSp" with a little NetPhone document icon. Click on this, then click
OK, and it should work right.

It seems that Netscape first treats the file as plain text, so when it
passes the file to NetPhone, NetPhone doesn't load the set correctly.
However when you go to adjust the "File type:" field in the Helper
Applications preferences menu, it appears that Netscape has already got
it configured to treat the file as WkSp file.. but it doesn't... until
you explicitly click on the "File type:" field and then click OK.

Anyway, how does all this apply to CU-SeeMe? Well, If CU-SeeMe could
save sets and launch them, then we could do this too.

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