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Lawrence Brown (
Sun, 12 Feb 1995 16:26:48 -0500

Sheila and Emile, check out the CEARCH pages (listed in my .sig).
It talks about the Global Schoolhouse Project, using CUSM to link
schools worldwide.

Cisco is committed to the education market, and I'm devoting a large portion
of my energies towards the K-12 marketplace. Please send me email or call
sometime if there is anything Cisco could do to help out.

> At 09:00 AM 2/4/95 -0500, Sheila Gersh wrote:
> >Hi
> >I am Sheila Gersh, the director of the Global Education Telecommunications
> >Network Project (GETN) in NYC. I train teachers to use the Internet and
> >then help them connect to schools in over 30 countries to do curriculum
> >enirchment (inquiry) e-mail projects. I recently gained access to the WEB
> >so i am eager to begin using CUSeeMe to conference with schools around the
> >US and world. Last week I went to one of the NYC City Univ. sites that has
> >the hardware etc. to do such conferencing. I connected to Hawaii, Texas,
> >and Boston.
> >I have accessed the PC version of CUSeeMe and unzipped it, but I continue to
> >get an error message saying that there is insufficient memory. I know the
> >PC I am using has enough memory. Can anyone help me (perhaps send me a copy
> > of a working CUSeeMe for the PC)...I am also eager to see how it works
> >over a 14.4 modem compared to a 56kb line (or t1 line)
> >I look forward to hearing from you...hopefully I will be able to begin using
> >cuseeme from my pc...Thanks.......Sheila Gersh, NYC (GETN Project Director)
> >
> >
> >Hi,
> My name is Emile Anderson. I am soon to be a teacher in secondary
> math/physical science. I am currently in the Navy as an officer working in a
> Nuclear submarine. I install LAN/WANs on the side and consult on
> incorporation of Internet access in businesses and schools. Currently I am
> inservicing 16 teachers in a Middle School in Ramona Ca. on what the
> Internet is and use of various windows client applications including
> CU-Seeme in curriculum, instruction and assessment methodologies. They love
> it, partiocularly the low cost part (inservice is free). I am very
> interested in the potential applications of this kind of PC based technology
> in the classroom to extent to the Global/virtual classroom at large.
> As to yoiur issue, I am running Cu-Seeme at home on a variety of TCP/IP
> winsocks including Trumpet 2.0b, Netmanage Cameleon, and MICROSOFT TCP/IP. I
> also have some MACSLIP expertise. Send me your specifications and specific
> p[roblems. If I can not solve, I will send appropriate files.
> Emile.
> FCTCPAC San Diego CA
> email:;;
> Hm (619) 788-2146

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