PC version IP list

arvell hairston (arvell@bilbo.pic.net)
Sun, 12 Feb 1995 17:09:08 -0500

Dear cu-seeme list,
Is there a way to edit the IP list in cuseeme (PC version) to use
alpha and numeric values for an IP address and to have more than four
entries in the list? I would likee to build a database that could be
accessed in cuseeme that would be like the bookmark in netscape that
translate between the site name and the site IP.
How do I obtain the icons that are used in the mac version for
cuseeme the pc version that relate to audio, video, etc, I believe it's
called the human inter face for cuseeme. I have tried ncsu but it is a
proprietary access file.
Has anyone noticed an killed socket in the trumpet window and or
write packet errors's pop up window when using trumpet 2.0b and chameleon as
opposed to using trumpet 1.0?

O I pray the Gods of cu- to deliver a working pc version with audio.
Seeking improvement through better communications.

Arvell in Dallas