Re: cuseeme <--> irc

Byron Thomason (
Sun, 12 Feb 1995 17:55:59 -0500

>To: eyeon@Tach.Net (EyeOn)
>From: (Byron Thomason)
>Subject: Re: cuseeme <--> irc
>> hey.
>>your posts about irc room dedicated to cuseeme contact sounded good.
>>unfortunately i was in a hurry and missed all the details before i erased
>>all the mail in my box.
>You shouldn't do that. :)
>>if you don't mind, could ya run it all past me again?
>If you are familiar with irc chat I was suggesting a room dedicated to
>cuseeme as a meeting place. If you are not familiar with irc it is a
teletype chat protocol that allows real time `chatting' via the keyboard. I
think in combination with cuseeme this is really nifty! Do an archie search
>for and load it up and move forward, young man! :)
>Later, Byron.