Re: Cheap camera - A User Report

Steve Loboyko (
Mon, 13 Feb 1995 10:56:48 -0500

>Jan 23 , 1995 Steve Loboyko ( reported:
>>1.I bought a $90.00 B/W camera from BG Micro (1-800-276-2206,
>>214-271-5546), the "SpyCamera II". It is very nice, it comes with a case,
>>and a power supply (wall wart). It is 12V, so I just made a little cable and
>>tap off of the PC. The camera lacks an "on" light and an on/off switch, so I
>>added them...... Other than that, it looks super-professional.
>Sounded to good to be true, nevertheless, I bought one and now must
>agree and... disagree with Steve.
>First, it is indeed a very small and light camera. I took it apart to
>evaluate the quality of the electronics. Conclusion: very good
>quality printed circuits (3 of them) held by screws , plated trough holes,
>easy to remove from the shielded box . All components surface mounted.
> IC's made by Sanyo. Focusing fixed but the lens, locked by a screw,
>can be removed/refocused. There is enough space to add a switch
>and 'on" LED (for the experienced only).
>Now why would the camera be named a "spy" camera. It's small but not so
>small ? Here is, I think, the answer and why I disagree with Steve. This is
>a camera made to work in very low light (amazingly sensitive) and it has a
>color to grey response characteristic which does not make it so nice for
>video conferencing.

I beleive that the reason that the color response is weird is that it has no
IR filter, which I took to my advantage by adding infrared LED's ( I work in
an area with limited lighting). If you don't like this, you can put an IR
filter behind the lens and in front of the CCD (the housing comes off).
WARNING: mark where the housing WAS with a marker FIRST!!! I think you can
get plastic ones at a camera store and cut them down.

I cannot explain your ghost image at all, other than your video cable may be
suspect. Also, the camera is marked for a 12V input, but they give you a 6V
AC adapter; I run mine from 12V.


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