Mon, 13 Feb 1995 11:55:07 -0500

Just curious about two things. Make that three. Is there a windows version that

Not yet...

Is there any kind of list or comp tv guide showing times and what people

No, but that's a good idea.

And, What is the recomended baud rate? I have a 9600 which can only move
about 10 bps if I am lucky. I am wondering if a 14.4 will increase it
signifigantly or if I
should just get a 28.8 and what the rate should be at. I am not getting more
that one or
two fps and wonder what the rate should be for that as well.

This application responds favorably to speed. The faster the better.
Given the present speed of your modem, I think you are doing well.
I recommend the fastest communication method you can afford.

Now a point to ponder...Given that the higher effective speeds that
28.8 and other high speed modems are achieving results from data
compression, and since the data is bit-mapped and compressed already,
will a 28.8 (or higher) modem actually yield 28.8 (or higher) effective

Name: Bruce Beinert
Date: 12/28/94
Time: 16:26:12

"consume the minimum, PRODUCE THE MAXIMUM"


Patrick T. Stingley