vovaltech iphone

arvell (arvell@bilbo.pic.net)
Mon, 13 Feb 1995 12:14:22 -0500

Just got the vocaltech iphone (ftp.vocaltech.com/pub/iphone25.exe)
1st results.>
Information included with files says you need to be connected to an
IRC server before the iphone will work. This is a contridiction to their
information that the iphone only needed a winsock and a ppp/slip.
When I executed the program I got a insufficient memory with
iphone.dll(,I have 8mg ram.)
The hlp file is no good unless you have the iphone running 1st(could
not associate the hlp file with txt,doc,or wri) so I could not get
additional info other than the readme file.
I am unable to contact vocaltech support by phone(need #) but left
email for them thru www home page.
Anybody got a clue? Eager for audio in Dallas.