Machine Screw Concert

jher (
Mon, 13 Feb 1995 12:38:48 -0500

Well, firstly I would like to thank all 265 individuals who logged
in during the show and watched or chatted with us! The show went great, we
had sound for the entire 6 hours or so of the show, the video looked good,
The Discovery Channel was VERY happy and plans on airing the show on March
15. We will be sharing the show with Laurie Anderson, but I don't know what
her part is about. We had a great time and hoped that you enjoyed it.
For those interested, we used
a powermac 8100/80av
two ascend pipeline 50's
a farallon etherwave transceiver
an external NT1 which I cannot remember the brand name off the top of my head
a sony 8mm handycam
and a hell of a lot of cable and sweat!

F.Y.I. The show was broadcast on the same day as anniversary of one of
Edison's accomplishments, but I was so busy running the show that I can't
remember which one it was. Heh.

If you are interested in Machine Screw, check out thier homepage on