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Mon, 13 Feb 1995 16:09:55 -0500

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>Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 13:56:52 -0500
>From: eyeon <eyeon@Tach.Net>
>Subject: irc
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>A chat room to look for potential cu-seeme connections. But why not just
sit on cornell or somewhere busy instead and talk to people that way, asking
them if they want to 'go private?', etc.
>the main benefit I could see of an irc room is as an alternate
communication channel for people trying to test a squirrely cuseeme setup
and still needing to communicate on the side. That works, I guess...but why
not just use 'talk?' (just DL talk-111.hqx from info-mac).
>Guess the question is: what kind of response have you had so far?

Not much of one at all, :) Just an idea. Later, Byron.