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Collins,Richard;ContStd; (
Mon, 13 Feb 1995 11:51:05 -0500

I downloaded IPhone this morning and had it up and running under
W4Windows in seconds. Works great. Once registered the following
version will allow you to avoid logging onto IRC. Quality was great.
Spoke with PC users in florida, New York and Tel Aviv with equal
brilliant results. Then we ran it with CUSeeme and it worked well. We
had data rates set at 40 and it worked. Everyone I spoke with on iphone
were on 14,400 links (audio only). The CuSeeme test was on a lan. The
14,400 people all said they could still ftp and have terminal sessions
opened so I dare say the combination will work on 28,800 links.

Will test tonight or tomorrow and report. I think I'm on to the audio
solution for my PC. We've already begun the purchase of 12 copies of
this software for the CU links we're using around our province.

On Mon, 13 Feb 1995, Mark R. LaBelle wrote:

> Well, I have to agree with Arvell....tests are inconclusive! I tried to run
> it and it gave me an arror message stating that: No audio device was found
> and or it was not installed properly. Yeah right! I have an audio card and
> it works just fine thank you Vocaltec! Anyway...just another bug for us all
> to swallow......:-) I still am pretty excited about this, just a little
> be expected I guess! Any more info out there???????
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