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global2 (
Mon, 13 Feb 1995 19:20:20 -0500

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> Information included with files says you need to be connected to an
> IRC server before the iphone will work. This is a contridiction to their
> information that the iphone only needed a winsock and a ppp/slip.

You don't need any IRC s/w and the IPhone s/w comes with a list of public IRC

> When I executed the program I got a insufficient memory with
> iphone.dll(,I have 8mg ram.)

Can't help you there....for fun I tried it on a 386dx40 w 4mb and it worked
ok, albeit as the only app. - though I did get a couple of crashes when it
would stick on listening mode and though the mouse would move, windows was not
responding to clicks or key strokes. also a ctrl-alt-del reports that NO app.s
are hung....

> The hlp file is no good unless you have the iphone running 1st(could
> not associate the hlp file with txt,doc,or wri) so I could not get

Just run any help file, then select <FILE> <OPEN> from the menu and open up the
IPhone help file from there.

The help file is quite nice - overall I like the product very much - for the PC
it is the only thing at the moment and saves a hell of alot on transatlantic
calls. I like the features under <OPTIONS> to be able to view the various
logs. to see who is coming and going on IRC and the stats for the voice

I had the whole thing up and running in seconds on my machine....

Steve....groovy on IRC

P.s. does anyone know what to put in the Phone number slot in personal info -
is it your IP address??