E-mail to this list

Larry Chace (rlc1@cornell.edu)
Mon, 13 Feb 1995 22:08:39 -0500

Several recent postings to this list suggest that we mention again a few
important things:

1. This list currently consists of about 1162 persons.

2. This list is set to "reply to sender" be default, assuming that
everyone's e-mail programs cooperate. If you are sending a reply to a
particular person, please be sure that it goes just to that person and not
to the other 1161.

3. By default, the list server program does not send you a copy of your own
postings. You can change that by sending this line to listserv@cornell.edu

set cu-seeme-l mail ack

(Remember to send it to listserv@cornell.edu and NOT to the list itself!)

4. Please try to keep the messages as closely related to CU-SeeMe as possible.

5. A recent request to send "Valentines Day Greetings" to someone could
well be considered an instance of "computer abuse" or even "harrassment".
Here at Cornell, at least, such a request, even if sent with the best
intentions, would border on impropriety. The intended recipient of these
"greetings" may recieve as many as 1162 e-mail messages, and that, at
least, could represent a significant hinderance to the recipient's work.
Just think what would happen if *YOU* received 1162 "Valentine" e-mail
messages from strangers!

Thank you for your continued interest in CU-SeeMe!

Larry Chace (rlc1@cornell.edu) (speaking for himself, not for Cornell)