Re: vovaltech iphone

Roger Lee Boston (
Mon, 13 Feb 1995 21:53:55 -0500

Well add me to the list of excited users who /almost/ got it to work ..
but failed. Like others I had the program installed in seconds and read
anxiously through the online help to get oriented before plunging in.
Only to fail during the selection of IRC connection. Eery choice in
Texas was a failure, plus Virginia, DC, switzerland ... one error after
another either not authorized, failure to make tcp connection, error
10060, error 4097, you name it. there is something fundamental here I am
just not "getting" somehow - The program seems very well conceived and
well presented .. and in fact does everything I expected it to do ..
except work. I am bringing the program up after first connecting to my
PPP provider at 14.4 and then launch the program as I would have launched
CuSeeme or Netscape. Anyone with similar experiences (and solutions)
I'd like to hear from you.

(What a surprise to get this excited over a voice link after the
intoxication of making dial up video on a 28.8 modem work as advertised
.. shows the value of a voice-only link doesn't it?)