Re: CU-SeeMe compatability with TIA

Michael Gallagher (
Tue, 14 Feb 1995 01:55:12 -0500

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>>I would like to use the VideoConferencing software "CU-SeeMe" (from Cornell
>>University), but it does not work with TIA. I am sure that others have made
>>this observation to you.
>>Do you know the reason for the incompatibility? Can you explain it to me?
>>Do you know if TIA will be upgraded so that it will handle CU-SeeMe?
>>Please respond to me via e-mail, but you may also want to respond to the
>>list, CU-SEEME-L, since there are many subscribers who are anxiously
>>awaiting compatibility between the two products.
>The problem is that the UDP packets that TIA sends out confuse the CUSeeMe
>application, and therefore render it useless. TIA *does* support UDP
>packets, but CUSeeMe gets tripped up over the redirection, and the fact that
>you do not have a valid IP.

>--Craig J. Miller
> TIA Support Team
>InterMind Corporation

Well, it's not exactly a complete answer here, either, but, it's something...
Now the question is whether the folks at TIA and at CU can get together and
talk about it!