CU-SeeMe / Bolofinder????

C. R. Coberley (
Thu, 14 Feb 1991 02:45:02 -0500

I have a wild, whacky, and perhaps impractical idea, but I thought I would
share it anyway, since that's what this group is for, right?

Ok, I don't know how many of you have ever played internet Bolo (PC users
scratch your heads and wonder what this is...)

Brief explanation: Bolo is an internet video / strategy game where players
drive their tanks around on a map, blow each other up, and conquer each
other's territory, etc...

Great, so what does this have to do with CU-SeeMe?

Well, there is a program called Bolo Finder v1.0.2 by the Mighty Peter N Lewis.

This nifty little program connects to a server somewhere via SLIP/PPP and
gets up the the minute information on all of the bolo games going on over
the entire internet. It's a very simple program.

The second part of this setup depends on the players. Whenever they start a
new game, it gives them the opportunity to "register" their game with the
bolo finder server. All you do is click register, and the game sends your
IP, the type of game, the map you are using, and some other statistics to
the server.

So -- my idea here. What about a similar application and server setup for
CU-Seeme? Every time you start CU, you could have the option to "register"
your IP with a server somewhere (Cornell??). Then others could have a
"Cu-SeeMe Finder" type of application that would log in to this server, and
get all the information on the current CU-Conferences online.

I think this would be pretty simple to do, although I am not a programmer
and know nothing about programming. I think Peter might even let you look
at the source code if you're real nice to him. You may be able to adapt the
code pretty easily to suit this purpose. Actually the way the program
works, I think it just telnets to a server at something like port 50000,
and gets the info, so any basic terminal program that you can telnet from
could retrieve the data for you. It's just a matter of setting up the
server and CU-SeeMe to register your IP when you want it to.

More advanced features later could include things like what "topic" or type
of material you are broadcasting (i.e. NASA TV, Discovery Channel, Business
conferences, etc..) You could even add an option, for example, to Password
Protect your private conference, so that only those with a password could
join in (bolo finder does this so that only those with a password can join
private games you are hosting).

Just thought I would open this up for a line of discussion, since I've seen
some people over the last few days posting to this list asking if anyone
wants to try a "direct connection" -- With this type of application, users
could establish direct connections to each other all the time, and could
also have the option of connecting to reflectors.

Then again, perhaps this is a way lame idea and I have no idea what I am
talking about.