Re: CU-SeeMe / Bolofinder????

Ko Stoel (
Tue, 14 Feb 1995 08:40:09 -0500

>So -- my idea here. What about a similar application and server setup for
>CU-Seeme? Every time you start CU, you could have the option to "register"
>your IP with a server somewhere (Cornell??). Then others could have a
>"Cu-SeeMe Finder" type of application that would log in to this server, and
>get all the information on the current CU-Conferences online.

Good for people with dynamic IP addresses too!
You could use IRC for this !
But the problem is as with the CUSM "Talk Window" plug-in, it's not used much.
(Plug-ins could use a 'UserAlert' when the AuxDatastream is used and the
specific plug-in isn't activated)
So if something like you proposed would be implemented it should be easy
to use.

Doesn't Iphone use this IRC meeting scheme? (never had an intelPC :)

Ko Stoel