CU-SeeMe Set-up Survey

Bill Ryan (
Tue, 14 Feb 1995 22:39:42 -0500

Hey everyone,

I feel it would be very useful if we had some sort of database of Cu-SeeMe system configurations which are currently being successfully used by CU-SeeMe endusers (maybe even some unsuccesful configs. as well).

I'm volunteering to gather and summarize this information. Please address your replies to me personnally and NOT to the list. I'll make a copy of the results available to Michael Sattler for his CU-SeeMe web pages (if he so desires). I'll also mail the results to those who request it.

I'm only interested in those of you using video as this is where information is lacking (especially on the PC side). Outdated, obsolete, custom/hacked systems are welcome as well!!!

Please fill in the following info. and mail to me ASAP:

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Computer Model/Name/Speed :
Operating System (version) :
Make/Model/Cost of video card:
Make/Model/Cost of audio card:
Make/Model/Cost of camera :
Make/Model/Cost of microphone:
Version of CU-SeeMe used :

Can we use your email address in database (Y/N):

Problems and solutions:

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For example my own info. is as follows:

Computer Model/Name/Speed : Macintosh Quadra 700 w/20 Meg RAM
Operating System (version) : MacOS 7.1
Make/Model/Cost of video card: N/A
Make/Model/Cost of audio card: Apple built-in sound
Make/Model/Cost of camera : Connectix QuickCam for Macintosh - $99
Make/Model/Cost of microphone: Older style apple microphone that came with system
Version of CU-SeeMe used : 0.80b2

Can we use your email address in database (Y/N): Yes (

Problems and solutions:
Only problem is that I must make AppleTalk inactive while using camera (it competes for serial ports). I'm very happy with my set-up and it's cost (hardware and software)!!!!

That's all I need for now. If you feel I've left something out that should be included, go ahead and add it to your information (I surely forgot something).

If you have systems that vary in configurations, please send additional survey entries.

If we make it easier for people to determine what to purchase and at what costs, it'll make for less repetitive questions and make it easier for all. Not to mention that it'll make for happy end-users :)

Thanks in advance and CU around,

Bill Ryan