dwight spencer on iphone

Dwight E. Spencer (spencer@unb.ca)
Wed, 15 Feb 1995 00:19:09 -0500

(my apologies to the cuseeme listers)

after a few attempts at internet iphone, i'm quite impressed with it's
quality. I'm a user of cuseeme (obviously) and mbone, and this audio
quality is "right on". Especially considering I had two 3270 emulators
running, as well as the xterm I'm currently running, taking up the 14400

regrets to jonbutt @ nfld and others who got silence from me (my cdplayer
was in linein not mic-in). I"ll be bringing a mic home tommorow night.

If demand is high, I could setup a temporary list-expander for say,
iphone@mymachine.unb.ca. I'm not running a listserv, but if there are
only 50-100 people who want on, until vocaltec sets'up a listserv/list,
I'll do it the "hardway". My guess people who already get enough cusm
mail would be happy if someone could do this. If I get more than 50
requests for additions (sent to spencer@unb.ca) I"ll create the list. Of
course, unless someone else has already started this.

definitely planning on purchasing this software...

dwight spencer
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