Re: vovaltech iphone

Collins,Richard;ContStd; (RCOLLINS@LEIF.UCS.MUN.CA)
Wed, 15 Feb 1995 03:13:31 -0500

There's a sensitivity button on the VU bottom right. Adjust it to 1.5
notches from the left extreme and you should begin to hear things.

On Wed, 15 Feb 1995, David Winet wrote:

> I feel a little strange writing this to CU-SeeMe, but .....
> I tried to get iphone up and running and guess what? Everything loaded
> perfectly, no error messages, no hanging. One *small* problem: nobody
> could hear me calling them and I couldn't hear anybody, indeed know
> anybody was calling me.... It's perfect except it doesn't work...for me.
> (Just thought I'd share that..)
> David Winet