Typing text in CU-SeeMe Windows

Larry Chace (rlc1@cornell.edu)
Wed, 15 Feb 1995 10:31:00 -0500

Gordon Whelpley <zephyr@primenet.com> recently asked about typing text into
the local video window when using the Windows version of CU-SeeMe.

In both the Mac and Windows versions, the text will be entered into the
local video window when that window is "in front". On the Mac, just click
on the local video window to bring it to the front. Under Windows, you may
have to select "Bring to front" under the "Window" menu in the window
labelled "CU-SeeMe Menu Bar"; this may be be necessary only at the
beginning of your session. (And *that* *might* be a "bug", not a

In either case, the text will be converted into pixels and will then be
written on top of the video image. It is as if the video camera had "seen"
the text characters as a part of its image. The resulting picture+text
will then get compressed, differenced, compressed again, and transmitted as
normal video.

While this scheme might be considered counter-intuitive, it *does* have the
advantage that the text characters can be received by any program that can
receive the normal video. It is *not* necessary for a receiving program to
have some understanding of an alternate data stream that contains just the

That having been said, let me also say that the "Talk" window currently
available on on the Mac (and only with versions at or above the 0.80 level)
*do* use an alternate data stream. I have begun to implement that
"auxiliary data" processing facility for the Windows version, and so
Windows, too, will have the built-in "Talk" window. I cannot yet give an
estimated availability date.

We are also considering converting the present "text in video" to its own
ASCII data stream, but that is something else.

(While many of us deplore "private" convesations that get posted to the
entire 1162 readers of this list, we have been asked to post our technical
responses to the entire list, even at the risk of boring those who would
prefer to hear about IPhone or other topics. Sorry.) ;-)

Larry Chace (rlc1@cornell.edu)