Re: Publicize CU-SeeMe!!!

Bart Kindt (
Wed, 15 Feb 1995 15:36:00 -0500

Before Cu-Seeme is put in the hands of the general non-technical user, there
should be a better way of bandwidth control being incorporated.

As the program is now, if say 10 users in New Zealand would connect to a
Reflector in the States, it would completely take over international Frame
Relay link for the whole country of New Zealand.
This (extremely expensive) link is only 640 kbps.

While these 10 happy Cu-Seeme users would call out, 'Oh look Papa, Video, Cute!'
the international link for our country would be on its knees.

As I mailed before, I would like to see speed negotiation between Cu-Seeme
and a Reflector, so that the 'default' speed in CU-Seeme can be set to, say,
30 kbps (which also makes it work over a 28,800 bps modem) and users do not
do to much damage without knowing.

Don't get me wrong, I love the program, but even I do not use it for more
then a few minutes at the time to a Reflector, because I almost take down,
all by myself, the 128 kbps Frame Relay link between Waikato (International
Gateway) and Dunedin, a distance of 1500 km.

And I *cannot* tell the reflector I only want to receive 30 kbps and not 80


Bart Kindt (ZL4FOX), Sysop, Efficient Software NZ LTD