Re: CUSM, ISDN & Mac, questions

David S. Bennahum (
Wed, 15 Feb 1995 14:03:59 -0500

I said:

>>Any solutions, insights, brilliant hacks (like recoding MacPPP to handle
>>128K/sec) would be hugely appreciated.

And Michael Coyle said:

>In Info-Mac at /comm/MacTCP there's a program called MacPPP 2.1SD by Steve
>Dagley. It's a hacked version that supports speeds up to 230K.
>Let me know if it works since I will be in your predicament soon!

I got, installed it, and it runs fine at 56K/sec. As soon as my ISDN board
comes supporting 128K/sec through the NuBus, I will tell you how it works
at that port speed (next 5-7 days from now). One minor irritant, I cannot
set the port speed to 215K now (the max), because MacPPP senses my IIcx
port cannot handle it and reverts down to 56K. Too bad, an old trick is to
set your port to maximum, regardless of your modem speed/ISDN speed,
because no matter what, Internet traffic will *never* get data to you at
top speed (it is always 7-15% of actual rated). So, for example, I always
set my port to 56K/sec when dialing in at 14.4K, this actually will boost
transmission from 1K/sec to a whopping 2K/sec (yay) while doing ftp or
whatever (try it). So, I wish I could do the same for my ISDN box which,
at best, ftps at 6K/sec even though it can handle 56K/sec. Boosting the
port setting to 215K would probably send ftp speeds to a "blistering"