Reveal TV300 works with CuSeeMe?

Byron Thomason (
Wed, 15 Feb 1995 14:07:52 -0500

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>Subject: Reveal TV300 works with CuSeeMe?
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>Can anyone confirm that the TV300 will works with CuSeeMe? What
>camera would you recommend for this capture board?

Yes, this is the card I use. Although, save the start up configuration
in the card's software to default to `Video' and not to `TV'. When your
default startup is TV you will see a television broadcast on your home
cuseeme screen and not video from your camcorder. If that didn't make much
sense let me know and I'll try to say it differently. But, it does work
fine... truly fine. If you'll notice, with the tv card comes software that
also allows you to create avi files which are popular. One last thing, I
use a GE camcorder. It was the least expensive one of about $450 that the
store had and it works like a dream. You'll have no complaints with a setup
like this one. Later, Byron.