Re: dwight spencer on iphone

Dwight E. Spencer (spencer@UNB.CA)
Wed, 15 Feb 1995 17:09:49 -0500

Just fyi (and I"m going to try to setup the iphone listexpander on my
machine tonight, requests for additions to please, I've
got about 10 now)

On Wed, 15 Feb 1995, Netman wrote:

> Did i hear you right ? you were running an Xterm while you were
> running Iphone for windows? on the same pc? PLease do elaborate....thanx...

Yuppers.. I was ppp'ed into my own linux box, with a local xserver
running on my windows workstation ( on the client end of the same ppp link)

I rsh'ed with the xserver, started the xterm on my display, ... started
ws_ftp and tried to download the iphone program, couldn't get at it with
winsock ftp, ... used the xterm to ncftp it to my anonymous ftp site, got
it from there with my ws_ftp via the ppp link.

Then I signed on with my 3270 emulator and ran iphone on my machine at
the same time (still with the xterm running) and saw people on the
listing of iphone. I looked with my irc session on the xterm to see
what it was saying about them..

all while connected and doing an assembler assignment on an ibm
mainframe, via a 14400 ppp dialin

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