RE: Error starting CUSeeMe
Wed, 15 Feb 1995 23:01:50 -0500

Dan Jones wrote;

> Thanks for the tips - I've had mixed results so far.(Sorry I took a
>while to get back on this. I've been off the list for a few days.
> I loaded CUSEEME at home (48x 33, 4meg) and it loaded first time (I
>dial into my work net). The only difference is at home I'm running
>Chameleon without their ODI drivers and at work I'm using the ODI
>drivers. I can't seem to conenct to anything from home, though -
>keeps giving me a "host not responded" or some such when I pull one
>of the reflector sites off the menu. Hmmm. I can PING those sites,

Looks like several different things going on. On the above, I believe this generally means that
the reflector is off or i.d. specific. Does it happen with full-time sites such as;
Cornell 2
HIOF (Norw) Barre Ludvigsen
HIOF (Norw) (used for broadcasts)

A good ping means that the adrress is active and is no guarantee that the reflector is open or

>At work (which is where I'm most likely to use it since I don't have
>to deal with a dialup link) I'm still running into the gethostname
>failed msg. I'm in the DNS, I have the hosts file in the netmanag
>directory. All I can think of (which I may do anyway) is get off
>the ODI drivers and get back to Winsock and LWP/Dos.

Are you running v.34b4 of CU?

The at-work setup is another issue. If you have made an entry to the 'hosts' file (which you can
also try adding in Custom/Services/Host Table) with your ip and machine name exactly as it is
in the (assuming company's) DNS server, AND you have setup that DNS machine's address in
Custom under Services/ Name Servers along with any outside DNS that the company may use
(takes up to three DNS), and you are able to (for eg.) ping a site by entering an alpha 'host
name' of some popular reflector site that a DNS needs to resolve - you should be there. I recall
a post that suggested putting one's ip in the Cham. mail client under Settings/Network/Mail
Gateway as well. I am not sure about this or what it may do to mail.

>I've checked the firewalls - nothing's in the way of outbound UDP
>for port 7648. In fact, the boss is running this on his Mac no
>problems. Hmmm...
That's nice. I guess the pressure is on. :>)

> Any other suggestions?
I'm in the middle of testing some of Cham's setup options and tools as we (read). I'll try to keep
you posted off list, and if you feel it applies to CU, you can forward it to the list. I think
Trumpet 2.0 has some ODI support, also.

> Thanks again,
>Dan Jones