Re: CU-SEEME PC Problems

Wed, 15 Feb 1995 23:05:30 -0500

Make sure that your send window is the "active" window before typing.
Click on it and the top bar should turn to a color. Then type. I am
also up and running at 2-3 fps with the 15 kbps setting. I have a 28.8
slip connection using Trumpet Winsock. The error messages went away as
soon as I set the max rate to 15 kbps. What system are you running?

On Wed, 15 Feb 1995, gordon whelpley wrote:

> Well, at last I got on the Net with CU-SEEME running on a PC. The key, for
> me at least, was to slow the Max Rate down to below 15Kbps. Well that got
> me operating, however, now my key board input does not appear to be going
> out, at least it does not show on my screen. Also, once in a while I still
> get a "Write Packet sendto [10050]" error. Anyone have any ideas or
> experience with these? Thanks in advance. GW