Re: Typing text in CU-SeeMe Windows

Ko Stoel (
Thu, 16 Feb 1995 01:06:34 -0500

>We are also considering converting the present "text in video" to its own
>ASCII data stream, but that is something else.

Some month ago I stated "Why invent the wheel"

But by experiencing nearly no-one uses the TalkWindow plug-in. Even there
is a unix-talk implementation on Mac's and Windows nearly no-one even
talks about. IRC too. Besides this I find it arcade-gamish to follow -and
video -and clicking-around windows -and reading and typing.

It seems a good idea to have a reliable in-video ASCII feature.
And superimpose on the receiver side;
in color

Not related to the above;
I didn't have a look at the SDK (Software Development Kid) for plug-ins ;
has it hooks for more then handling AuxDataStream?

All this internet phone stuff popping up. Also some month ago I wondered
whether Internet will become as expensive as direct-connect phoning. If
Internet migrates from burst-uses to continues datastreams.

Ko Stoel