Experience with Warp & CuseeMe?

Thu, 16 Feb 1995 09:25:52 -0500

I have run CuSeeMe under OS/2's WinOS2 subsystem on both V2.1 and Warp (V3).

I did have problems with host name resolution once I installed the CSDs to
bring the TCP/IP base product to the same rev level as the TCP/IP pieces
that come with Warp. The gethostbyname call would fail until I began running
named on the OS/2 system. Thid probably doesn't help you much if you are
running Warp with the IAK.

You could try defining the names of interest in the hosts file in tcpip\dos\etc
(and maybe in tcpip\etc) or live with entering numeric addresses. You might
also try asking in comp.os.os2.networking.tcpip; since I was planning to run a
local nameserver anyway, I didn't purse the problem further.