Small PC CU-SeeMe Problem...

Josh McCormick (
Thu, 16 Feb 1995 10:29:43 -0500

I have noticed a slight problem with CU-SeeMe v 0.34b4 for the PC.

It seems if I am connected to a reflector with little or no traffic, and
I hit the DISCONNECT option, it closes the connection, then immediately
reopens it. This is annoying since it makes it impossible to upload a new
reflector, so I have to quit the CU-SeeMe client and go back in it again.

Also, can I get someone to test out a reflector?

When will audio be added to the PC version?

I thank the authors for working on putting in a method to countrol the
throughput of outbound connections through CU-SeeMe. While the size of
internet traffic is not all that much of a concern, until our T1 upgrade
comes in, throughput over the net is very precious with our 56k link.


Josh McCormick