Re: Capture CU-SeeMe?

Roger Lee Boston (
Thu, 16 Feb 1995 11:00:21 -0500

Tammie there sure IS!
I do a distance delivery of my "Data Communications and Networking"
course to about 40 students who exchange with me on a 16 line Galacticom
BBS here in our college .. we have more than 600 students taking their
courses 100% online via modem.
Last week I decided to share the "CUSeeMe Experience" with them by
uploading a multi-media "MOVIE" of CuSeeMe in action, produced in the
following way:

1. I used the LOTUS Screencam RECORDER to capture everything I saw on
the screen (I mean everything, literally as I saw it on my monitor
but no sound of course as I run Windows)
2. I played my movie back with the Lotus ScreenCam Player and made a
SECOND "movie" of the first one, adding my voice over as narration
to explain to my students what they were seeing happen as I used
CUSeeMe. The speed of the playback was EXACTLY the speed at which
it happened when I recorded it.
3. The resultant, high quality, presentation-ready .SCM file was then
"ZIPPED" and uploaded to the Modem Course BBS.
4. My students then dialed in at their leisure, downloaded and
un-zipped the file, and played the .SCM "movie" using the Lotus
Screencam PLAYER which I sent them (the PLAYER can be freely
distributed to persons who want to play back your movies). And
for those students who had sound cards they got the whole thing
sound AND video, as if they were running CuSeeme themselves.

I might add but it should be no surprise .. it blew them AWAY!
On Thu, 16 Feb 1995, Gruwell, Tammie wrote:

> Is is possible to capture CU-SeeMe as it comes across my screen? I don't
> want a still picture, I want to capture the live conference. Any ideas?
> Tammie Gruwell
> Institute for Simulation and Training