Re: Performa Compatibility?

Larry Chace (
Thu, 16 Feb 1995 11:41:22 -0500

Jason Brewer <> asked about the Mac version of
CU-SeeMe running on a 68LC040 processor (which does *not* have a
floating-point instruction processor as does the 68030 and 68040).
CU-SeeMe *should* run on a 68LC040; it uses a little bit of floating point,
but it is *not* compiled with MetroWorks' "68881 Codegen" option, and so
the code will call the "SANE" routines to perform floating-point. (I even
checked it out -- the floating point operations *are* performed by calls to
the "SANE" routines and not by compiler-generated floating point

(For those of you who might ask "*WHY* would CU-SeeMe use floating-point",
it uses it in the routines that process the brightness and contrast
controls, which have certain logarithmic propereties.)

I don't know of anyone running on a Performa 636, but that might just
indicate that I'm not well-informed. A PowerPC makes a nice CU-SeeMe
vehicle, but there are certain strange aspects of the "AV" models. Your
mileage may vary.

Larry Chace (