Details Article on CU-SeeMe

Christopher Brock (
Thu, 16 Feb 1995 21:06:10 -0500

I recently read an article in March's Details magazine about CU-SeeMe.
The article, titled "Double Vision," covered the author's experiences as a
lurker, CU-SeeMe history, and included a relatively thorough explanation of
bandwith and the "problems" that would occur if half the people who read
the article started sending video. The acrticle provides a pretty good
picture of the CU-SeeMe world, but this is Details, so the warnings about
the repercussions of mass CU-SeeMe use went right along-side an artist's
idea of what a cyber-sex videoconference might be like.
One repeated theme was the idea of the workstation becoming a personal
television studio:

"In this world market, Nielsen ratings won't matter." Sue Halpern

Is this kind of mass press a good thing for CU-SeeMe right now? I am all
for coming in contact with is many people as possible, but certainly not at
the expense of making the net crawl for someone else. Details is available
at just about every supermarket and gas station I can think of. Certainly
it will be responsible for letting a few folks in on "our little secret."
Hell, I saw some guy in LA broadcasting he and his girlfriend having sex
via QuickCam on Cornell 2 last Sunday evening.

I would like to hear opinions on the article. Has there been any more main
stream press on CU-SeeMe?