Re:Talk Window

Larry Chace (
Thu, 16 Feb 1995 21:56:00 -0500

Several recent postings have indicated some confusion about CU-SeeMe's
"Talk Window". By that, I mean the "plug-in" which we are distributing
along with the 0.80b versions of CU-SeeMe for the Macintosh. This plug-in
routine, if located at the same folder level as CU-SeeMe itself, will be
loaded by CU-SeeMe and connected to it; a "Talk" item will appear in the
menu bar. If you are using an earlier version (0.70, 0.60, etc.) or if you
are using Windows, then this "Talk" facility will not be available to you.

I am starting on the design and implementation of "Talk" for the Windows
version of CU-SeeMe, but I cannot promise when it might be ready. The Talk
code itself is fairly simple, but it depends upon a much more complex
"Auxiliary Data Transport" mechanism that we have designed and built into
the Mac version of CU-SeeMe. My task is to convert this code for Windows.

Since that "Auxiliary Data Transport" mechanism is unique to CU-SeeMe, our
"Talk" facility will not (that is to say, *NOT*) communicate with any other
program named "Talk", "Chat", or anything else. We are not trying to be
exclusionary with this, but it is simply true that we see no reason to
worry about folks using Internet Relay Chat, for example. If they want to
do video conferencing, then they need an video conferencing program.

I should mention one more non-obvious aspect of our "Talk" facility. By
default, the Talk window is not open and the CU-SeeMe user is not
advertising a desire to receive other folks' Talk data. If you open the
Talk window, then the underlying code will advertise that you are ready and
willing to receive Talk data. We are doing this as a part of our effort to
avoid unnecessary netowrk traffic. As with video and audio, if no one is
looking at you or listening to you, then you will not send out video or
audio. Similarly, if you are not actively using the Talk window (by having
it open), then you will neither send nor receive Talk data. If you are the
only person in a conference with an open Talk window, then even if you type
into that window, you will not send any Talk data. As soon as a second
participant opens a Talk window, then data will flow.

So, in summary:
(1) at present, Talk only works on Macs.
(2) we are working on one for Windows.
(3) you must open the Talk window in order to "talk" or "listen".

As always, thank you for your support and interest.

Larry Chace (