Re: Iphone together with CUSeeMe, WinTalk together with CUSeeMe

Collins,Richard;ContStd; (
Thu, 16 Feb 1995 16:51:34 -0500

Speaking to one of the IPHONE developers in Israel 2 days ago I was
informed that they have talked with the CUSeeme team as early as last
summer but came to the conclusion that it was difficult to keep vid/audio
synced. My belief is that it's CU that will bottle neck at slow links
and increase delay with the lenght of the session. I choose to reduce CU
transmission rates to 15 and even 10 which kept things going. Oddly
enough, for my applications (student/teacher interaction) the picture
serves it's purpose at 1fps while allowing solid (not choppy) audio to
run via iphone. Worked for me!

On Thu, 16 Feb 1995, Chris Sidi *A man with a passion to create* wrote:

> I pretty sure people can run CUSM along with VocalTec Iphone...but you don't
> hear Mac users do you? Anyone told VocalTec about the potential market
> if their product would work with CUSeeMe? (They're probably trying to
> make their own internet video-phone)
> Are "talk" programs for windows compatible with Mac plug in?
> I guess what I'm getting at is: can any third party software make PC CUSM
> compatible with the built-in audio & text features of the Mac version?
> Might this happen soon?
> Thanks...let's get vocaltec to make their program compatible w/ CUSM...
> Chris
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