Re: Performa Compatibility?

Wayne Barker (st27a@Jetson.UH.EDU)
Fri, 17 Feb 1995 01:32:40 -0500

>Jason Brewer <> asked about the Mac version of
>CU-SeeMe running on a 68LC040 processor (which does *not* have a
>floating-point instruction processor as does the 68030 and 68040).
>CU-SeeMe *should* run on a 68LC040; it uses a little bit of floating point,
>but it is *not* compiled with MetroWorks' "68881 Codegen" option, and so
>the code will call the "SANE" routines to perform floating-point. (I even
>checked it out -- the floating point operations *are* performed by calls to
>the "SANE" routines and not by compiler-generated floating point
>(For those of you who might ask "*WHY* would CU-SeeMe use floating-point",
>it uses it in the routines that process the brightness and contrast
>controls, which have certain logarithmic propereties.)
>I don't know of anyone running on a Performa 636, but that might just
>indicate that I'm not well-informed. A PowerPC makes a nice CU-SeeMe
>vehicle, but there are certain strange aspects of the "AV" models. Your
>mileage may vary.
>Larry Chace (

I've tested both .70b1 and .80b2(?) on a ppc7100av. I guess its ok, I
havent seen it on anything else, but I had decent video. THat audio was
quite broken up from some sites, but then I watch the data window on those
and they were pretty low for transmission rates. Audio breaks up bad if I'm
typing. Some sites have severly broken up video. woth the video breaking
into little squares. Thwn this happens the text is also often illegible. I
have had good results from other sites though, ireland in particular. If
you have special questions or tests for a ppcav let me know.

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