Re: PAL formats

Jan Engvald LDC (
Thu, 16 Feb 1995 14:01:27 -0500

>Hi everyody (mostly Europeans) ,
>One more question on the video capture formats.
>NTSC defaults on most video capture cards cards to the desired
>160x120 (for CU-SeeMe), but PAL defaults unfortunately to 192x144
>which is incompatible with CU-SeeMe. Is there a way around this
>trouble ?
>Ihave VideoSpigot,but I believe this will be problem for other cards
>as well...

I also have a VideoSpigot card and interestingly, when I put it into
one Mac it skips the right and lower parts of the PAL picture, when
I put THE SAME card into another Mac it skips the left and upper parts
of the picture. What is it that decides the way it is centered?

I would like to have vertical and horizontal adjustment slides in the
picture panel (where contrast and light is adjusted), so that I can
adjust it to show the center part of the picture.

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