Re: Iphone together with CUSeeMe, WinTalk together with CUSeeMe

Netman (
Fri, 17 Feb 1995 14:10:10 -0500

I just talked to Yahlz(probably spelled it wrong) on iphone last
night....actually it was 2:40 a.m. where i was :) ...yep addicted...and
he told me hes from the Orange Country too(I'm in Orange County, CA)... :)
He was askin around.....about how we liked..(interested if we're gonna
register....etc...) He told me if i have any suggestions or any ideas in
bettering their product to mail them at (hope i
speelled THAT right...) well have fun ya know what would
be really cool? Sending the same thing to more than one person
FOR EXAMPLE: Suppose I want to play some music I'm writing to see
how people like it? I Would like to be able to Have Multiple IPHONES
open......o well the point is that I WANT MORE THAN ONE fellow IPHONER to be
ABLE to LISTEN to MY BROADCAST at the same time......again i'm not asking
that I be ABLE TO "SEND" different things at the same time(at least not yet)
All i'm asking is that Person A + Person B + Person C etc...could tune in
and all listen to me at the same time.......hmmmmm....i know what yar
thinking....and yes it would be nice if anyone of them could say
something back.....(taking turns of course...) hmmmmm.......this sounds a
lot like AUDIO/ GOLLY! what do you KNOW! ...
Well waht do ya guys think?

On Thu, 16 Feb 1995, Collins,Richard;ContStd; wrote:

> Speaking to one of the IPHONE developers in Israel 2 days ago I was
> informed that they have talked with the CUSeeme team as early as last
> summer but came to the conclusion that it was difficult to keep vid/audio
> synced. My belief is that it's CU that will bottle neck at slow links
> and increase delay with the lenght of the session. I choose to reduce CU
> transmission rates to 15 and even 10 which kept things going. Oddly
> enough, for my applications (student/teacher interaction) the picture
> serves it's purpose at 1fps while allowing solid (not choppy) audio to
> run via iphone. Worked for me!
> On Thu, 16 Feb 1995, Chris Sidi *A man with a passion to create* wrote:
> >
> > I pretty sure people can run CUSM along with VocalTec Iphone...but you don't
> > hear Mac users do you? Anyone told VocalTec about the potential market
> > if their product would work with CUSeeMe? (They're probably trying to
> > make their own internet video-phone)
> >
> > Are "talk" programs for windows compatible with Mac plug in?
> >
> > I guess what I'm getting at is: can any third party software make PC CUSM
> > compatible with the built-in audio & text features of the Mac version?
> > Might this happen soon?
> >
> > Thanks...let's get vocaltec to make their program compatible w/ CUSM...
> > Chris
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