Re: Performa Compatibility?

Larry Chace by way of (
Fri, 17 Feb 1995 20:37:19 -0500

I use a Mac Performa 636 CD with CU-SeeMe and it works great. I have a
direct connection to the Internet via a fiber optic network at Arizona
State University, so it's pretty quick. I wouldn't hesitate getting the
Performa. As a matter of fact, my Performa seems to out perform the Power
Mac's 6100 and 7100 in our department. I personally think it is the way
that the individuals set-up their computers. But anyway that does seem to
be the case.


>I don't know of anyone running on a Performa 636, but that might just
>indicate that I'm not well-informed. A PowerPC makes a nice CU-SeeMe
>vehicle, but there are certain strange aspects of the "AV" models. Your
>mileage may vary.

Larry Chace (