Re: Do I see the light?

Yozo Toda (
Sat, 18 Feb 1995 09:53:08 -0500

> unnecessary traffic). We will not receive any MBONE packets until that is
> done, but once we do, we either will: (unsure, help me out here...)
> 1] Receive all traffic down the MBONE (that doesn't exceed TTL) into
> our own network, like it or not.
> 2] Receive only what traffic we ask to receive down the MBONE (as in,
> if we are participating in something, we will receive the
> appropriate traffic, otherwise, traffic we're not using is not sent
> to us).
> I believe it is the second one, but let me know if I've got it dead wrong.

As I know, most of the MBone sites use mrouted version 3.3.
This version provides the pruning,
which is the second functionality you described.
Earlier version (e.g. ver2.2) cannot do pruning.

> The second question is that I have installed a reflector with the
> multicast option enabled. If I am not on the MBONE, will our packets
> die before reaching the backbone? (We're currently on MIDNet, and we're
> switching to SprintNet soon, if they has any bearings, other than to hold
> off on making MBONE arrangements.)

Maybe CISCO router does't know multicast packets and drop them,
but I'm not sure...

you can get more informative answer in MBONE mailing list, I think (-:

-- yozo.