PC capture board cpu use

John Balogh (JohnBalogh@psu.edu)
Sat, 18 Feb 1995 21:37:25 -0500


Sorry if this is a "dumb user question", but...

Can anyone tell me which board uses less CPU resources:

- Creative Labs Video Blaster
- Creative Labs (ne: SuperMac) Video Spigot for Windows

I've looked in faq.7-6 and didn't find the answer.
I've looked in the cuseemew.txt (readme) file with the distribution
and found the following (edited for brevity):

]A bit more information.
]All video capturing is done via the Microsoft Video For Windows Video-
]Capture API (that's why we use msvideo.dllMsvideoCS). This allows CU-SeeMe
]to capture video from any video capture board that supports Video For
]Windows. [...]
]We have successfully tested the following video capture boards:
] Video Spigot for Windows (now sold by Creative Labs, formerly sold by
] SuperMac)
] Video Blaster (sold by Creative Labs)

No further mention of either board's capabilities.
I'm stuck with a 386DX25, but have ISDN to the internet (128Kbps),
and want to provide the best response possible given that CPU.

I'm open to suggestions like:
- Buy both and send one back
- Buy a REAL computer and don't worry about CPU use
- Buy brand xyz instead of either of those
- Buy x from company pdq, they have the best prices and support.

Any kick in a reasonable direction would be appreciated.


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