Ken Benn (K.Benn@massey.ac.nz)
Sun, 19 Feb 1995 22:21:59 -0500

A cry in the dark.

I have installed Cu-Seeme ppc.0.80b2 on a 7100/66AV.

The camera I am using is a FLEXCAM DOCUMENT (has S-video output).

My video image is lovely. When I connect to the Power PC from another mac
such as IIsi or LC I get the image perfectly. The sound is the problem. I'll
supply the check list:

The flexcam microphone is plugged in to the external Microphone Jack of the

My audio window is registering a good signal (50 - 80 %)

The send box is selected in the audio window (has a cross in it)

When I connect to myself on the PPC, the audio is shown as on (The
microphone icon is live i.e. no cross).

When I connect from one of the other machines listed above (using CuSeeme
68K0.80b2, the microphone icon is crossed out indicating that
the Power Pc is not sending audio.

I have tried subsituting the camera microphone with the Apple Mike. Exactly
the same symptoms are displayed.

I hope that I have put the situation clearly.





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