Re: Iphone together with CUSeeMe, WinTalk together with CUSeeMe

Risto Virtanen (
Mon, 20 Feb 1995 12:12:21 -0500

> FOR EXAMPLE: Suppose I want to play some music I'm writing to see
>how people like it? I Would like to be able to Have Multiple IPHONES
>open......o well the point is that I WANT MORE THAN ONE fellow IPHONER to be
>ABLE to LISTEN to MY BROADCAST at the same time......again i'm not asking
>that I be ABLE TO "SEND" different things at the same time(at least not yet)
>All i'm asking is that Person A + Person B + Person C etc...could tune in
>and all listen to me at the same time.......hmmmmm....i know what yar
>thinking....and yes it would be nice if anyone of them could say
>something back.....(taking turns of course...) hmmmmm.......this sounds a
>lot like AUDIO/ GOLLY! what do you KNOW! ...
>Well waht do ya guys think?

We already have enough self nominated CU-SeeMe DJs, thank you...
Tha compressed audio quality doesn't do justice to the music, it just
annoys people and eats the scarce bandwidth. There are appropriate channels
for this called: Radio and TV