Re: Performa Compatibility?

Douglas A. Howard (
Mon, 20 Feb 1995 12:48:39 -0500

Martin and Perfoma 630/636 people,

Sorry, I'm using the Quickcam so I can't tell you too much about the video
board set-up on the 630/636.

It was so easy to use the Quickcam and not have to bother with buying the
video board.

I guess you are using the latest version of CU-SeeMe? (with the talk
window available I guess you are using 68K0.801b or 2b)

Mine works, sorry I can't help.


> Doug,
>A number of people - myself included - seem to be having
>problems getting CU-SeeMe to work on the Performa 630 using the
>Apple Video In board. (I'm not sure how the 636 differs from the 630
>- I'm guessing it uses the same video board?). Although I can receive
>audio & video very well, send audio very clearly (I'm told);
>and send text using the Talk window; I can't get a local video window to
>Could you let me have some details of your working set up. e.g.,
>Camera; (NTSC/PAL output?) Video board; System; Maths coprocessor?;
>Necessary extensions on / necessary extensions off; etc.
>May be with this help I could get going...
>Many, many thanks,

Douglas A. Howard
Department of Geology
Arizona State University