Re: Mac Serial Switcher for Quick Cam

Pete Kuba (
Mon, 20 Feb 1995 14:08:54 -0500

At 1:09 PM 2/20/95, James M. Taylor wrote:
>Newbie to CU-SEEME -- love it so far -- using Quick Cam 1.02A, Power Mac 7100,
>14.4 K bps modem.. I want set up Quick Cam with switch on serial (printer)
>port.. to go back and forth with Personal LW 320 printer..conveniently. Have
>tried using newly purchased serial cable & MCCC 2 position serial switcher.
>Printer works fine.. Quick Cam does not.. it displays NO video or PICT.. just
>grey fine when I switch back to a direct link to Mac's serial
>port/mother board.

Do you have a straight-through cable between the switch and the mac? A
regular printer/modem cable between the switch and the mac won't pin
properly for the QuickCam, although it will work fine for the printer.

Look in MacWarehouse or any other catalog for the proper cable.

Hope this help.