Re: Iphone together with CUSeeMe, WinTalk together with CUSeeMe

Roger Lee Boston (
Mon, 20 Feb 1995 18:41:56 -0500

There IS such a product, marketed by DPI Solutions in Houston Texas, and
claimed to be cross platform compatable plus allowing conference styled
simultaneous group audio exchanges in real time.
They told me their product will be released at a trial price of $500.00 per
copy and I will see their demonstration tomorrow morning at ten am. Perhaps
they will listen when I (1) don't buy it, and (2) suggest they could make
more money pricing it for volume sale instead of skim pricing up front.

Oh yes -- this is a WINDOWS product.
RB 713.765.9494 Voice/m

On Mon, 20 Feb 1995, Risto Virtanen wrote:

> > FOR EXAMPLE: Suppose I want to play some music I'm writing to see
> >how people like it? I Would like to be able to Have Multiple IPHONES
> >open......o well the point is that I WANT MORE THAN ONE fellow IPHONER to be
> >ABLE to LISTEN to MY BROADCAST at the same time......again i'm not asking
> >that I be ABLE TO "SEND" different things at the same time(at least not yet)
> >All i'm asking is that Person A + Person B + Person C etc...could tune in
> >and all listen to me at the same time.......hmmmmm....i know what yar
> >thinking....and yes it would be nice if anyone of them could say
> >something back.....(taking turns of course...) hmmmmm.......this sounds a
> >lot like AUDIO/ GOLLY! what do you KNOW! ...
> >Well waht do ya guys think?
> We already have enough self nominated CU-SeeMe DJs, thank you...
> Tha compressed audio quality doesn't do justice to the music, it just
> annoys people and eats the scarce bandwidth. There are appropriate channels
> for this called: Radio and TV