Re: Couple ISO * for CU-SeeMe

Michael Sattler (
Mon, 20 Feb 1995 20:55:35 -0500

At 07:10 2/20/95, R & L wrote:

>=46or a kinky .eXperiment... No Lurkers... Put my/our anon.address on
>CU-SeeMeX list...YES, NO, Male, =46emale, Couple....Want the CU-SeeMeX
>list, YES, NO...

If I were inclined to see and be seen in my birthday suit over CU-SeeMe
(which I might, if you ask nicely), I certainly be more inclined to answer
a well-written advert from a non-anonymous source.

There's no point in being anonymous, because the community of CU-SeeMe'ers
is small enough that many of the regulars, who have far too much time on
their hands, can recognise most people.

If there's serious interest in hosting an adults-only point-to-point list,
or an adults-only reflector, I'll be glad to put that information onto the
FAQs. Just keep it off the regular reflectors and don't expect me to put
*those* stills on my web pages :-)

BTW, I'm responding to "na"xxxxx@anon... so that my return address isn't

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